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  • Kings College Trip 18 April 2018 - Seven high achieving Year 12 students were given the opportunity to visit King’s College at Cambridge University for a two day residential trip. These students left on the morning of 27 March and returned the following evening. During the trip, students were able to speak with current Cambridge students and ask questions about student life […]
  • Easter Holidays 13 April 2018 - Just a reminder that students will return to school on Monday 16th April, 2018.
  • Ski Trip 13 April 2018 - Students from Bedlington Academy visited Alpe D’Heuz as part of the school ski trip.  They had the opportunity to have ski lessons for 4hrs per day and made amazing progress during the week.  Apres ski was full of fun and gave them the opportunity to relax and appreciate the village surroundings.  Ice skating, bum boarding, Winter Olympics and ice […]
  • Easter Assemblies 29 March 2018 - This week we had a visitor in school to deliver the Easter message. James Shepard from ‘Hope church’ Bedlington delivered the assembly giving the view that Christians hold. The message was based around sacrifice and what others do for you, this did mean that our very own Andy Allman passed over the opportunity to be […]
  • Year 7 Enterprise 28 March 2018 - Year 7 worked with Carole Richards and 9 Business Ambassadors to fulfil the roles within the world of publishing.  The children were asked to allocate jobs which would allow them to produce and launch the next best-selling vampire book. To gain a better understanding of the publishing world and to practise their creative writing skills […]