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  • Year 7 Pencil Boxes 21 February 2018 - Year 7 students have been busy producing a stationary masterpiece! Just look at some of the excellent examples of craftsmanship, some excellent finishing as well!    
  • Sixth Form Trip To Geneva 20 February 2018 - On January 11th, we met in Newcastle airport at 4:30 am armed with our bags and eager to go. After a quick breakfast in the airport, we boarded the plane and set off for Geneva, Switzerland at 6:55. We landed in Geneva and took a bus to the hotel, where we had some time to […]
  • Combined Cadet Force 09 February 2018 - Are you in year 8 and above, are you interested in the outdoors and perhaps a career in the Armed Forces? If you are we would like to invite you to join the Combined Cadet Force at Bedlington Academy. We meet every Thursday after school until 17:45. Some of the activities we have been up […]
  • Duck Production-Year 9 Enterprise 08 February 2018 - Duck Production 8 Business Ambassadors representing HMRC, DWP and Draeger supported Carole Richards in delivering Duck Production to Yr 9 students.  The Business Ambassadors helped to raise job awareness and shared their expertise with the students allowing them the opportunity to practise all the skills employers are looking for when employing young people. Duck Production is a […]
  • Year 8 Technology Project 08 February 2018 - As we near the end of another busy half term our year 8 students have finished one of their woodwork projects. They have worked with a mixture of man made and natural materials and a range of techniques including chiseling and drilling to produce a working sweet dispenser. Well Done year 8!