Staff Profiles

Summary of Equality Impact Assessment March 2017

The Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher

Ms T Spoors

Mr S Griffiths

Deputy Head Teachers
Mr D Kinninment
Mr R Hinshaw

Assistant Head Teachers
Mrs S Pritchard
Mrs L Richardson

Assistant Principals NELT

Ms L Quinn

Ms C Trainor

Business Manager
Mr A Dillamore

School Governors
Mr T Weldon (Chair of Governors)
Mrs F Ewart – (Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of Finance, Link Governor – English & Music)
Mr T Downes
Mrs E Finch (Chair of Staffing & Curriculum, SEND Link)
Mrs S Goss (Link Governor – PE & MFL)
Mr S Griffiths (Headteacher Governor)
Miss K Landles
Mr J Waddle (Link Governor – DT & Science)
Mr S Hillier
Mrs A Foggon

Governors’ Register of Interests

The Pastoral Team
Mr D Waddle – HOH for Armstrong
Mrs L Hind – HOH for Stephenson
Mr J Bell – HOH for Swan
Mr M Laidlaw – Head of 6th form

Student Support Officers

Mrs T Watson-Armstrong

Ms W Fogerty-Swan

Ms D Jones-Stephenson

Arts Faculty
Ms A Bilton
Miss E Hocking
Miss K Landles (Raising Achievement Leader)

English Department
Mrs A Cotterell
Ms T Cowely
Mr K Gatens
Mrs L Herbertson (Director)
Miss E McEvoy
Ms T Johnson
Miss L Towers
Mrs V Whewell (Lead Practitioner)

Humanities Department
Miss H Durward
Mrs L Hind
Mrs J Kingsland (Lead Practitioner)
Miss A Nichol-Wilson
Mr M Neillis (Raising Achievement Leader)
Mr S Smith (Assistant Raising Achievement Leader)

ICT Department
Ms F Bainbridge (Raising Achievement Leader for Business)
Ms C Nichol (Lead Practitioner)
Mr C Maughan (Raising Achievement Leader)
Mrs L Weatherley

Maths Department
Mr M Cooper (Key Stage Coordinator)
Mr S Duckworth (Lead Practitioner)
Mrs S Jones
Mr P Miller (Director)
Mrs C Robson (Key Stage Coordinator)
Mr A Scott
Mrs N Thompson

Modern Foreign Languages
Ms J  Thompson (Raising Achievement Leader)

Mrs M Liddle

Technology Department
Mrs S Gray (Lead Practitioner)
Mrs F Mather (Raising Achievement Leader)
Mr J Woodbridge
Ms C Malcolm

PE Department
Mr M Laidlaw
Mr J Palmer
Mrs L Richardson
Mrs R Shaw (Raising Achievement Leader)

Ms Lauren White

Science Department
Mr J Bell
Mrs K Hogarth (Assistant Raising Achievement Leader)
Miss K Musgrove
Ms L Wright
Mr G Savage (Director)
Mrs J Stewart (Key Stage Co-ordinator)
Mr D Waddle
Ms R Short

Support Staff


Miss L Chapman

Attendance Officer
Ms L Nicholson

Mrs P Bailes

Data & Exams
Mrs A Baron (Manager)
Ms C Clarke (Assistant)

Mr S Jones (Network Manager)
Mr M Collis (IT Technician)

Finance Officer
Mrs K Denton

Librarian/SSO 6th Form
Mrs A Foggon

Learning Mentors
Mrs K Lynn
Miss L McBride
Mrs L Auld

Learning Support
Miss S Carr
Miss H Rickerby
Mrs D Crulley
Mrs V Cummings
Mrs H Kelly
Mrs J Knaggs
Mrs J Logan
Mrs S Patrick
Mrs H Richardson
Mrs V Smith
Mrs F Strong

Learning Supervisors
Mrs Z Rashid
Mrs C Timmons
Mrs G Todd

Parental Partnership Co-ordinator / Parent Liaison Contact
Mr A Allman

Senior Administrator
Miss J Hutton


Ms L Chapman

Science Technicians
Mrs B Evans
Mr G Surtees

SEN Co-ordinator
Mr J Palmer

Site Management
Mrs B Goodwill
Mr P Rutherford

Technology Technicians
Mrs H Paul
Mr R Phillips