Breakfast Club

The Learning Mentor Breakfast Club has re-opened its doors in the DT area for the new school year. Last year, the Breakfast Club served 9,763 breakfast meals to students of all ages. Due to the new facilities and equipment, we are able to offer a large variety of breakfast foods such as cereal, toast, scrambled eggs, fruit salad and porridge.

The Learning Mentors have created the Breakfast Club as a nurturing environment for students to get something nutritious to eat before school. We are operating a merit system at Breakfast Club where attendees receive 1 merit stamp for each day they attend. Students are also given the opportunity to gain additional merits by reading, doing homework, helping with dish washing and tidying.

The Breakfast Club is currently funded by the East Bedlington County Parish and Kellogs; however, a group of regular attendees at breakfast club have participated in a project to raise funds to improve Breakfast Club. Local shops such as Morrisons in Bedlington have also kindly donated food to our Breakfast Club on occasion.

Breakfast Club is run by Kristen Lynn, Lisa Auld and Louise McBride.