Career Speed Dating-Year 11 Enterprise

Career Speed Dating
On Thursday 18th January 2018, Carole Richards of Northumberland Education Business Partnership (EBP) organised a Career Speed Dating Event, for 115 Year 11 students from Bedlington Academy

Over the past 14 years, Northumberland EBP and Bedlington Academyl have worked in partnership, supported by Business Ambassadors and Apprentice Ambassadors, to allow all students to practise their employability skills and to meet and work with ‘real’ employers.

This event was developed to help raise job awareness and for students to gain a better understanding of the essential qualifications and skills required to apply for future employment opportunities. The students visited 15 employers from many sectors and organisations, to ‘grill’ them to ask relevant questions. After a fun but informative morning, the students left the event with a raised awareness of the world of work.

Working with real employers the students were afforded the opportunity to gain a current insight into modern day progression pathways to employment and to better understand the employability skills employers expect.