Netball Coaching Session

Girls in year 7, 8, 9 and 10 had the opportunity to take part in a netball session led by a netball super league player from Northumbria University. Most of the girls who took part in this opportunity have played on the school netball team. This session was to reward students for their hard work and dedication towards the extra-curricular Netball club this year.  Girls were very enthusiastic during this session and the coach who led the session was very impressed by the girls behaviour and skill level. What a fantastic way to end the netball season!

5 Stars In Technology

Design and Technology hosted the latest group of Year 5 students for 5 stars last night. The students experienced computer aided design and computer aided manufacture during the visit as they designed keyrings that were cut on the laser cutter.

We look forward to welcoming Year 5 next week for some more Design and Technology.


Year 7 and 8 students took part in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) day on Tuesday 1 May, ran by Newcastle University Outreach Programme. STEM is shaping the future of our world. Our economy, our lifestyles—are all backed by science, technology, engineering, and math. 
Students were required to use their problem solving skills on a range of activities and then present them to their peers. 

Year 10 First Aid Course

Year 10 Science students took part in an emergency first aid at work course this week. the course is intended to give a basic understanding of first aid and to introduce the participants to the fundamental, theoretical and practical aspects of first aid management. This certification is valid for three years, suitable for low risk working environments and small business needs. The course covered areas such as unconscious casualties, resuscitation, shock management and wounds and control of bleeding and burns and scalding.
One student said ‘I chose to do the first aid course because I didn’t want to pass up on such a great opportunity which I might not get later on in life. It was a very interesting course which kept everyone engaged and was very hands-on, which was my favourite part of the course – being able to practice demonstrated skills. Even if I decide not to renew/re-do the course when my certificate expires, I have learnt valuable life skills which I will always carry with me and will be able to use if I need to’.

5 Stars In Technology

Bedlington Academy welcomed another group of year 5 students in Design Technology yesterday. The students designed and made a selection of key rings that were expertly cut out using the laser cutter. A really good example of computer aided design and computer aided manufacture.



Satellite competition

Five sixth form students entered in a national competition launched by the UK Space Agency last month and became one of the winning entries which came with a share of £5000 between them. The objective was to develop an idea where satellites could be used to benefit humans.

The team, named Team Higgs, came up with an idea called ‘Displaced Persons Aid’. They discovered that after a natural disaster many people are overlooked who are displaced while people who are injured are supported. So the idea was to make an app and a website that can track people who register themself as being displaced using GPS signals to a satellite. The displaced people can also then find out places they can go for safety, support, food and supplies.

Since the win being announced the team have been interviewed for BBC Newcastle and were featured on ‘Today’s North East’ on BBC Newcastle Radio on 18th April.

Next on the agenda is a Dragons Den style event in June where they will present their idea and get advice on how to progress with the idea.

Listen to the radio interview (1:27:20 on the broadcast):