Year 7 Pencil Boxes

Year 7 students have been busy producing a stationary masterpiece! Just look at some of the excellent examples of craftsmanship, some excellent finishing as well!



Sixth Form Trip To Geneva

On January 11th, we met in Newcastle airport at 4:30 am armed with our bags and eager to go. After a quick breakfast in the airport, we boarded the plane and set off for Geneva, Switzerland at 6:55.

We landed in Geneva and took a bus to the hotel, where we had some time to settle in before taking another bus into town to explore for a bit. It didn’t take long for us to notice that the public transport was very good and with our travel passes, we could go anywhere into the city.

We had a fantastic lunch at a restaurant named the Spaghetti Factory, where we ate some delicious Italian food, in huge portions.

Once we finished, we continued to explore the city and eventually came across the UN building in the city centre, with the Broken Chair statue in front of it, a 12m high memorial built in 1997 as a protest to landmines, made with 5.5 tons of wood.

We returned to the hotel that evening, and went to the shopping centre across the road for dinner, having the opportunity to experience more of the amazing food Geneva had to offer.

The next day we took an early 9am tram to CERN, where we first walked through the Microcosm exhibit. This told us lots about the experiments that happen at CERN and showed us how particles in a bottle of hydrogen end up in collisions in huge experiments. The exhibit also had some of the earlier components of CERN’s setup, including equipment used in the 20th century to split atoms.

The other permanent exhibit at CERN, the Universe of Particles, introduced us to some of the questions currently being investigated at CERN: where do particles come from? What laws govern their behaviours? We were already learning so much, and trying to understand the more complicated science, and it wasn’t even lunch.

After an incredible lunch in CERN’s cafe, we attended a lecture on how CERN began, and how it had evolved from the first accelerator – the Synchrocyclotron in 1957, to the most recent addition to the site: the Large Hadron Collider, which is 27km long and started up in 2008.

We then were able to see synchrocyclotron, as it was never demolished when it had served its purpose. The tour guide told us that this was because taking down the structure would require the removal of the site’s roof or at least one of its walls, so they have instead decided to keep it there as another exhibit.

The LHC wasn’t in operation while we were there, so we were able to go underground, as close to it as visitors are allowed to get. There, a student working at CERN told us about the current CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment, which is being used to study the standard model, and also searching for extra dimensions and particles that could make up dark matter.

After visiting CERN, we walked around Geneva at night to experience the Lux light festival, an installation of thousands of lights across the whole town. We ate at a great pizza restaurant, where we also had the chance to practice our french speaking skills.

On Saturday, we all woke up feeling more than a little disappointed that it was our last day in Switzerland. We took a bus to the History of Science museum, where we were able to see some of the first scientific instruments used, as well as the first hand drawings of the planets and moons in our solar system. They also had modern science exhibits, showing some of the equipment and techniques used by scientists today.

The museum was situated in the gorgeous botanical gardens, next to the point where lake Geneva empties into the Rhône. We took a boat across the lake, and walked up to the Jet d’Eau, a 140m tall water fountain with 500 litres of water being pumped through every second. We could have walked all the way up the the base of the fountain, but many of us chose to keep a safe distance when we felt the wind direction change.

After a final delicious lunch overlooking the lake and fountain, we returned to the hotel to collect our bags, and then went back to the airport, where we boarded the plane and landed back in Newcastle at 5pm.

The trip was an incredible experience, where we learned more than we could ever express, and came home with a renewed interest in science, many of us deciding that we would have to go back at some point in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later.

We would all like to thank Ms Wright, Mr Surtees, and everybody else who made the trip possible.

Written by Jamine Hurley


Combined Cadet Force

Are you in year 8 and above, are you interested in the outdoors and perhaps a career in the Armed Forces? If you are we would like to invite you to join the Combined Cadet Force at Bedlington Academy. We meet every Thursday after school until 17:45. Some of the activities we have been up to this year have been:

Shooting (Air rifle and Semi-automatic L98A2)

Flying in a Chinook

Fieldcraft (camping and cooking outside)

Map reading and navigation skills

First Aid

This is a small selection of the activities we currently carry out, if you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact 2Lt Waddle at school.

Duck Production-Year 9 Enterprise

Duck Production

8 Business Ambassadors representing HMRC, DWP and Draeger supported Carole Richards in delivering Duck Production to Yr 9 students.  The Business Ambassadors helped to raise job awareness and shared their expertise with the students allowing them the opportunity to practise all the skills employers are looking for when employing young people.

Duck Production is a fun and interactive learning activity to encourage Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

The aim of this activity is to enable the students to participate in a manufacturing simulation to help develop the following employability skills :-

  • Team building skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Communication skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Financial awareness

  • Raise awareness of employability skills

  • Raise awareness of personal skills

  • Raise job awareness

Year 8 Technology Project

As we near the end of another busy half term our year 8 students have finished one of their woodwork projects. They have worked with a mixture of man made and natural materials and a range of techniques including chiseling and drilling to produce a working sweet dispenser.

Well Done year 8!



Career Speed Dating-Year 11 Enterprise

Career Speed Dating
On Thursday 18th January 2018, Carole Richards of Northumberland Education Business Partnership (EBP) organised a Career Speed Dating Event, for 115 Year 11 students from Bedlington Academy

Over the past 14 years, Northumberland EBP and Bedlington Academyl have worked in partnership, supported by Business Ambassadors and Apprentice Ambassadors, to allow all students to practise their employability skills and to meet and work with ‘real’ employers.

This event was developed to help raise job awareness and for students to gain a better understanding of the essential qualifications and skills required to apply for future employment opportunities. The students visited 15 employers from many sectors and organisations, to ‘grill’ them to ask relevant questions. After a fun but informative morning, the students left the event with a raised awareness of the world of work.

Working with real employers the students were afforded the opportunity to gain a current insight into modern day progression pathways to employment and to better understand the employability skills employers expect.

Year 7 Drama Club

Year 7 drama club began last night and its seems that the students who attended had a great time!

If you are interested, go along to the drama studio after school on Tuesday. Hope to see you there!

Brilliant Bags-Year 8 Enterprise

Brilliant Bags
Yr 8 students participated in an enterprise workshop led by Carole Richards from Northumberland Education Business Partnership and supported by 5 local employers.
The aim of this activity is to encourage business awareness.
This activity allows the students to develop their:-
Enterprise skills,
Problem solving skills,
Presentation skills,
Leadership skills,
Time management skills,
Communication skills,
Team building skills.
The children are asked to take on the role of an adult working in the manufacturing sector. In teams, using the employability skills listed above they compete to produce a product, market the product and using presentation skills they ‘sell’ their product.
Working with ‘real employers’ gives the students a better awareness of the skills employers look for when employing new staff.

Good Book

A good book can stay with you for a lifetime. With Valentine’s day swiftly approaching, why not share a blind date with a book? A selection of entertaining books have been carefully wrapped and are waiting for you to discover in the school library.


Attendance Winners!

Attendance and punctuality are so important both for school life and for life when students have left school, that’s why Bedlingtonshire Academy celebrates attendance success when we can.

Each week the highest attending tutor group receives the ‘Attendance Trophy’ in assembly. The tutor group gets to keep and display the trophy until the following week when the next highest achieving attendance tutor group will receive the award.

Last weeks winners were LWH and LW.

Well done!