Post 16 Results are in!

Congratulations to all post 16 students who today received their post 16 results. All our students did incredibly well but 2 students in particular deserve special mention. Aminah Shafiq and Ellen Bramley achieved A grades in all their subjects which included an A* for Aminah in English Literature.

Raffle Raises Funds For Prom

11LJH have raised over £130 so far with the sale of raffle tickets for an Amazon Fire 7 tablet and a cake sale to put towards yr 11 prom. The winner of the raffle drawn today was O Thomson in yr 10. Well done!

Year 12 Trip

Year 12 students studying Film Studies, English Literature and History were given the opportunity to visit the Robinson Library at Newcastle University last week. The students were given a tour of the library and attended a tutorial explaining how to use the library’s resources. They then had the rest of the day to work in the library accessing the vast array of resources at their disposal to help them to prepare for their work in year 13. All of the students were fantastic and really made the most of this great opportunity.

Great British BBQ

We have all had a great day celebrating all the hard work and welcoming the summer break. Here are some photos that show the fun that was had at our great British BBQ.

GCSE Geography Fieldwork

On Wednesday the 12 July and Friday 14 July, 2 classes went out to do field work as part of their GCSE Geography course. The plan was to experience as many different techniques as possible whilst on the Blyth beach and dunes. The students measured the gradient of the beach and also the height of the beach against the groynes to assess the effectiveness of these structures at trapping sand and so in protecting the coast. Later the students used a float to track the direction and speed of longshore drift and  they surveyed sediment size and shape all along the beach to see if the waves were moving stones along it.

The weather was sunny and the students enjoyed a stop at the chippy and ice cream van at lunchtime!

6th Form Leavers

Some photos from the 6th form leavers last Friday. A direct link to the photos can be found here:

Katy Storie Visits BCHS

13 girls from Year 7 took part in a session with former England Rugby player Katy Storie about the six keys to success. The girls were selected as a reward for their commitment to extra curricular netball and football this year. The session began with Katy reminding the students of her sporting journey and talking about the 6 keys to success; mental toughness, hunger to achieve, people skills, sport and life knowledge, breaking barriers and planning for success.
The girls took on 6 different challenges, the first was as reaction test to catch a foam brick before it fell to the floor, Ellie Huntstone was chosen as being the best at this task for the final challenge. The next task was basketball shooting, after a long sudden death competition Sarah Greaves was on top and ready to take on the challenge. After practicing the other challenges it was time for the real deal – fail a challenge and it was back to the start. After flying through the memory cards the girls hit their first hurdle, Sarah didn’t make 2/4 shots so it was back to the start. The girls collectively decided this time they would begin with shooting and get the hardest challenges out of the way. The pressure didn’t get to Sarah and the first task was complete,  then back to the memory cards which they did with ease. Ellie was up next and made her task look easy! Kayla Rowlands and Amber Richie took a lead on the 5 brick tower challenge and after a few fails they got the tower standing for 5 seconds. Next onto the hula hoop challenge where Georgia Hedley had to get the hoop over her and everyone in the group in under 40 seconds. In the practice they had done 16 seconds so Katy challenge them to do it in under 15. The time came in at 14.8! The final challenge Kate Appleyby was lead, pass 3 tennis balls around the circle and back to Kate without passing to the person next to you…sounds easy. The girls had their plan worked out but began to rush and there was nearly a dropped ball! But they worked together to complete all 6 challenges with ease.
Well done to the girls for a great session, developing their keys to success they can use not only in sport but wider life as well.
Students involved were
Eve White
Abbie Malcolm
Ellie Hunstone
Anya Cowen
Kate Appleby
Elly Smith
Katelyn Graham
Ellie Osinski
Amber Richie
Georgia Hedley
Sarah Greaves
Caitling Dinning
Kayla Rowlands

Cricket Flag Bearers

On Sunday 2 July 24 students and 3 members of staff had an early start setting off at 5am.  They were about to embark on a once in a life time opportunity where they would be flag bearing in a Women’s World Cup cricket match between India and Pakistan.

We arrived at Derbyshire County Cricket club at 8.30am where the students had to practise the flag bearing ceremony.   An extra pressure for our students was the flags were not permitted to touch the floor due to the two countries religion.

The students even made it on to the TV as this match was televised live on Sky Sports 2, enabling millions of people to watch the match.

During the interval the students took part in cricket matches on the pitch showing off their skills to the sell-out crowd!

We are all very proud of our students whose behaviour was fantastic at all times.

We would like to thank all the parents who made sure their child was up and at school on time and to the KEY organisation who provided a small grant of £500 which paid towards the cost of the transport and provided everyone with refreshments throughout the day.

Year 9 Graduation

​This year year 9 students have been tracking both their own academic progress ​and the contribution they make in school outside of the classroom, in order to ensure that they stay on track to graduate. Students were assessed against a number of criteria including attendance, progress in lessons and attitude.
On Thursday 7th July year 9 graduation was held in our school hall. This was attended by students, staff, our Head teacher Mr Griffiths and our Chair of Governors Mr Weldon.
All students were rewarded the the positive contribution they have made this year. After the ceremony students and parents spent time together celebration with a buffet and refreshments. Well done year 9.