Attendance Winners!

Attendance and punctuality are so important both for school life and for life when students have left school, that’s why Bedlingtonshire Academy celebrates attendance success when we can.

Each week the highest attending tutor group receives the ‘Attendance Trophy’ in assembly. The tutor group gets to keep and display the trophy until the following week when the next highest achieving attendance tutor group will receive the award.

Last weeks winners were MCO and JWO

Well done!

5 Stars

5 stars began again this term with students attending a session in Design Technology focusing on designing a key ring to be manufactured on the laser cutter. The students used the computer program 2D Design which is a form of CAD (Computer Aided Design).We look forward to seeing you all next week.

New York, New York!

Bedlington Academy students enjoyed a week long visit to New York city during the Easter break.  With a jam packed itinerary we managed to see most of the city’s main attractions including Empire State Building, 9/11 memorial and of course the Statue of Liberty.  We also took in a Broadway show and an evening cruise up the Hudson river to see the famous New York skyline.  The students were accredit to themselves and the school throughout the trip.

Arieanne Sings To Success

Our very own Arieanne Masters, year 13 has been accepted into the BBC Proms Youth Choir Academy and will be performing in London on Saturday 21st July.
As part of its commitment to nurturing new talent, the BBC founded the BBC Proms Youth Choir in 2012. This multi-year project was designed to bring together the best young singers from across the UK and create a massed youth choir with opportunities to perform at the highest level with professional symphony orchestras at the BBC proms. The BBC Proms Youth Choir Academy, piloted in 2017 in London, is a scheme that aims to discover new voices from all musical backgrounds and develop them in a choral setting.
Arrieanne states: “this year we are performing a movement from Beethoven and another secret composition. I am in the Soprano section and will be joining a group of 150 soprano singers in London at the Royal Albert Hall. I will be learning how to sing in choral arrangements as well as developing my singing skills in classical music. 
Residency at Gateshead starts in July and the choir I am in will be joining 200 members of youth choirs from all over the UK to form the Proms Youth Choir”
 Well Done Arieanne!

Kings College Trip

Seven high achieving Year 12 students were given the opportunity to visit King’s College at Cambridge University for a two day residential trip.

These students left on the morning of 27 March and returned the following evening. During the trip, students were able to speak with current Cambridge students and ask questions about student life as well as the application process. The students toured King’s College and the surrounding areas of Cambridge. They also got a taste of dorm life as they ate and slept in student accommodation. Students were also given helpful guidance tips about applying to Oxbridge and other universities

In addition, the students were able to take part in a 60 minute taster session led by Tim Flack, a Fellow at King’s College. This taster session focused on enigmas. This is a subject that is very valued at King’s College as Alan Turing was an undergraduate at the college and later elected a Fellow. The students were able to work hands on with a replica enigma machine and were able to try encrypting and decrypting messages. Our students were able to use advanced mathematical equations in order to crack codes. Tim Flack impressed upon the students “how important maths and science is to society as a whole.”

The students enjoyed themselves and were very impressed by what Cambridge had to offer. This was a wonderful trip for raising aspirations. Some of the students have now decided to apply to Cambridge this October.

This was the fourth year in a row that students from Bedlingtonshire Community High School were able to team up with students from neighbouring schools to make the long journey down to Cambridge. This year, three schools were involved: Bedlingtonshire Community High School, St. Benet Biscop and Ponteland. The trip was led by Sixth Form Learning Mentor, Kristen Lynn.

Ski Trip

Students from Bedlington Academy visited Alpe D’Heuz as part of the school ski trip.  They had the opportunity to have ski lessons for 4hrs per day and made amazing progress during the week.  Apres ski was full of fun and gave them the opportunity to relax and appreciate the village surroundings.  Ice skating, bum boarding, Winter Olympics and ice laser were a few of the night time activities.  The students were excellent ambassadors for our school



Easter Assemblies

This week we had a visitor in school to deliver the Easter message. James Shepard from ‘Hope church’ Bedlington delivered the assembly giving the view that Christians hold. The message was based around sacrifice and what others do for you, this did mean that our very own Andy Allman passed over the opportunity to be covered in custard and another person sacrificed himself.

Many thanks to James Shepard for delivering a very thoughtful assembly and we do hope that everyone has a lovely Easter.

Year 7 Enterprise

Year 7 worked with Carole Richards and 9 Business Ambassadors to fulfil the roles within the world of publishing.  The children were asked to allocate jobs which would allow them to produce and launch the next best-selling vampire book.

To gain a better understanding of the publishing world and to practise their creative writing skills and their employability skills the children had the opportunity to be the following for a day:-

  • an author
  • an illustrator
  • blurb writer
  • spine designer
  • merchandiser
  • sales team

All nine local employers were suitably impressed with year 7’s efforts and emphasised the importance of young people understanding and practicing employability skills so that they are better prepared for the world of work.

Read For Good Challenge

Congratulations and thank you to students who took part in the sponsored ‘Read for Good’ challenge

13 students have raised £170.70 which will go towards buying books for children in hospital.
The photo is a selection of the students who took part