The humanities faculty encompasses 3 subjects at key stage 3, before branching in to further subjects at key stage 4 and 5. Humanities subjects are up to date, dynamic and ever-changing – all subjects within humanities are relevant to all aspects of life. Both History and Geography are within the top 10 subjects preferred by the top Universities, and each year students from BCHS pursue further education within the humanities subjects offered at KS5.

Department Staff

Humanities is delivered by a team of 8 skilled and dedicated staff members;

Mr M. Neillis – Raising Achievement Leader
History specialist

Mr S. Smith – Assistant Raising Achievement Leader
Geography Specialist

Miss H. Durward – Key Stage 3 co-ordinator
Religious Studies/Philosophy and Ethics specialist

Mr D. Kinninment – Deputy Head in charge of teaching and learning
Geography specialist

Mrs J. Kingsland – Lead Practitioner
Geography Specialist

Mrs L. Hind – Head of House
Psychology Specialist who is also a Student Performance Leader

Miss A. Nichol-Wilson
History Specialist

Ms L Duggan

Geography Specialist

Geography Curriculum Maps

Curriculum information – Geography
Year 12 Geography Curriculum Map
Year 13 Geography Curriculum Map

History Curriculum Maps

Curriculum information – History
Year 12 History Curriculum Map
Year 13 History Curriculum Map

Citizenship Curriculum Maps

Curriculum information – Citizenship

Psychology Curriculum Maps

Curriculum information – Psychology
Year 12 Psychology Curriculum Map
Year 13 Psychology Curriculum Map