We aim for students to share our passion for mathematics, to be fascinated by it, to see its value, and to be empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords.  We strive to provide an enjoyable learning environment and recognise that good learning takes place when students are engaged in actively doing mathematics through problem solving and investigating.

Good teaching enables good learning to take place.  It inspires and supports students in constructing and developing their own understanding of mathematics. We encourage students to collaborate as they work and learn, respecting the opinion and work of others.

We value the students and enable them to make good progress through exceptional Mathematical teaching at all levels.  Mathematics provides students with effective ways to describe, analyse, change and improve the world.  Students can experience a sense of awe and wonder as they appreciate the power of mathematics and make links between the different areas.

Department Staffing:

Mr P Miller
Director of Maths

Mr M Cooper
Assistant Raising Achievement Leader

Mrs C Robson
Key Stage Coordinator

Mr S Duckworth
Lead Practitioner

Mrs S Jones
Mr A Scott
Mrs N Thompson


Curriculum Maps

Curriculum plan Maths
AS Maths Curriculum Map
A2 Maths Curriculum Map
AS Further Maths Curriculum Map
A2 Further Maths Curriculum Map


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