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MFL – Key Stage 3

We teach French to all students in years 7, 8 and 9 and focus on providing them with a positive learning experience that will encourage students to continue with their language learning higher up the school.

Emphasis is placed on the students’ ability to understand and express their opinions in increasingly complex ways, give reasons for their opinions, use longer sentences, as they develop their language skills and also use different time frames.

In order to do this, we introduce our students to different topics in languages, that they are also familiar with, and interested in, in English.  Starting in Year 7 with topics like Tintin, we continue through Key Stage 3 with themes like School, Clothes, Holidays, TV, Film, Music and finally a Dragon’s Den topic. We aim to develop our students’ vocabulary and language skills using a variety of activities and engage them in listening, speaking and reading and writing tasks that are also enjoyable.

In the Spring of Year 9 our students make their option choices which enable them to choose to continue with French as a GCSE.

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