Behaviour Management

Behaviour is managed by a stage process.

We aim to identify pupils who are persistent offenders or are beginning to be noticed because of low level disruption. Where this occurs we:

  • ensure staff follow through issues with pupils indicating what must be done to improve
  • ensure that staff discuss with parents the schools concerns and agree a common way of working to help pupils make improvements to their behaviour
  • establish the best way of communicating with parents and provide regular feedback on the progress being made

We believe consistent experiences of good teaching and learning engages students and this reduces instance of poor behaviour. The consistent application of good behaviour management strategies helps students understand the school’s expectations and allow staff to be supportive

Rewards and Sanctions
Our aim to provide a range of opportunities in which, pupils can excel and be rewarded and a practical set sanctions that deal appropriately with poor behaviour. In schools with good standards of behaviour there is a balance between the use rewards and sanctions. Praise is used to motivate and encourage whilst at the same time students are aware of sanctions that will be applied for poor behaviour.

Sanctions will be applied where the pupil’s conducts falls below that which could reasonably be expected of them. Sanctions can only be applied by a paid member of staff, while on the she school premises or in the care of the member of staff e.g. on a school trip, and must be reasonable in accordance with disability special education needs, race  and other equalities and human rights.

As a school we will:

  • have a wide range of appropriate rewards and sanctions and ensure that there are applied fairly by all staff
  • ensure that planning about behaviour improvement informed by statistical information about the use of rewards and sanctions

Liaison with parents and other agencies

  • We firmly believe we must work in partnership with parents on all aspects of a young person education including their behaviour. We accept that good liaison takes time, is demanding and requires resources. We are highly active in establishing these links and forging positive relationships. We ensure we evaluate our contact with parents to build upon good practice identified and amend our practices as appropriate.
  • This practice is central to the Leading Parent Partnership Award that school holds.

Behaviour and Uniform Policy