Exam Preparation

Additional Help for Exam Preparation

There is an increasing amount of information on the web to help young people with their learning, and specifically, when preparing for public examinations.  The problem seems to be deciding which bits are the most valuable.  Of course, the general rule is that any preparation for exams is better than none at all! Examination Boards provide very detailed information on all of their courses.

A lot of this is provided directly for students and their parents.  However, most of it is written for teachers and schools and tends to be very technical.  Nevertheless, Exam Board web sites are the best place to start looking for additional help.  They are all relatively easy to use with the sections on course specifications, past papers and mark schemes being the most useful.

Below you will see the exam board and specification for all courses running in Years 10 to 13.  You can then simply log on to the web site for the relevant Exam Board.

Also included on the department pages are department specific websites which they feel will be useful.   This information is provided by way of additional help which should be readily available from home.

Students must continue to ask their teachers for help whenever they need it and parents, as always, are very welcome to contact the appropriate teacher in school with any queries.


Useful Websites: