BBC Schools Report


Some of the BBC Schools reporters from Bedlington Academy will be visiting the BBC Newcastle Studios to talk to some of the sports reporters and have a tour to see how everything works in producing sports commentary’s and reports for the BBC. The students are looking forward to meeting some of the commentators and reporters who are involved in sports reporting for the Local North East teams. A further report will follow later in the day so watch this space.

Today we went to the BBC Newcastle studios as part of the BBC Schools report day which our school is taking part in. The first thing we did was to interview Matthew Rasebeck (Razer) who is the BBC Radio commentator for all the Newcastle United home and away games. Some of the questions we asked were about his job so how did he get into sports commentating? He listened to lots of radio commentary for sports when he was younger and from the age of 13 to 14 wanted to do radio comentery. We also asked how he got into the BBC and he said he did it through volunteering at weekends and then was asked to do other media responsibility with in the BBC as paid work. He started working for the BBC at the age of 18 and he has worked for the BBC eversince.

We also asked him who was his favourite sports personality who was raffa benitez who has a great presence in the North East and at Newcastle United and also has a really good caricatures. He also likes Chris Hewbank because he was different to everyone else he had met. His most famous sports person he has met was Kevin Keegan who used to be the Newcastle United manager and also played for Newcastle United. We also asked what his job entailed and he said that he has to create pictures and what was happening through his words so the audience listening knows where the ball is who has the ball and are they in a position to score a goal or to concede one. Matthew also likes to play snooker, football and tennis and also exercises at the Gym.

After we had asked all the questions to Matthew he then recorded the questions again which will go out on air between 4 and 5.30 today. We than went on a mini tour of the studios and played copycat and also created our own BBC Look north programme during the tour. Some of us where able to dress up on the set of the Hetty Feather and have some photographs taken in the costumes on the set. We then had lunch and after lunch met Collin Briggs in the

BBC Breakfast and BBC Look North studio where he signed some autographs for us. We also had our picture taken at the reporters desk with Colin and also on the Red sofa as a group..

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