Cricket Updates

02.03.2016: Bedlington 88 – 78 Ponteland B16.03.02.Newminster

A great game of cricket and our first victory! We had a good batting performance with Morgan and Aimee needing to retire as they had made 15 runs each.
Erin was going for the big shots but unfortunately she was caught out. We improved on our fielding and bowling Aimee getting two players out in the last over sealed us the win. Eve also provided a great bowling over where the batters only gained three runs.


02.03.2016: Bedlington 79 – 88 Newminster

We were unlucky to get beat in our very first competitive girl’s cricket match, we are very proud of the girls who played superb after only having 1 session to practise.
Our bowling did cost us the match with a lot of the bowls going wide. However as the match progressed the bowling did improve as the girls got to grips with the technique. Erin White made a fantastic diving catch to get one player out.


02.03.2016: Bedlington 96 – 140 Ponteland A

We came up a very strong and experienced Ponteland A team who had three county cricketers in their team. We did very well to get 96 runs when we were up against the county bowler. Again we had players who had to retire as they had hit 15 runs they were Eve and Erin.
Again we fielded and bowled well but Ponteland’s experience shone through.


02.03.2016: Bedlington – 69 – 85 Richard Coates


The bowlers of Richard Coates had difficulty bowling our batters out Morgan and Neave batted for most of the match until Neave played a fantastic shot only to be caught out. At times we needed to take more chances to get runs on the board.
The bowling technique of our bowlers had improved immensely since our first match in the competition, we were giving away less wide balls. It was another close game which with a bit more practice I am sure could have won!