Netball Updates

The girls who are part of the year 9, 10 and 11 Netball team had a home netball fixture against Ashington Academy. Year 9 played the first game and the result was 14-10 to Bedlington. Year 11 played the second game and the result for the second game was 16-10 to Bedlington. Finally, year 10 played the last game and the score was 14-5 to Bedlington. The home netball fixture was a huge success, with us winning all 3 games. The girls displayed some outstanding Netball skills and player of the matches were awarded. Cobie Smith got player of the match for year 11, Louise O’bryan got player of the match for year 9 and Aimee Urwin got player of the match for year 10. On the other hand Caitlin Archer displayed excellent confidence and goal keeping skills during her first school netball fixture.

Their passion and skills towards this sport is amazing!  Well done for your hard work girls, keep this up!!



The Under 16 and Sixth Form teams played against Ashington High School on 29th November. Both teams were looking for their first win of the season and were in positive spirits.

The Sixth Form team played first with Caitlin Waddle, Maddison Wren and Caitlin Brown representing the sixth form, with year 11’s playing up to complete the team. The girls played great and are gelling together as a team really well. They were unfortunate not to win and the game finished 4-2 to Ashington, the closest score for the sixth form this season.

The Under 16 team of Abbie Trotter, Tiegan Ford, Courtney Westwood and Ellie Laws was helped out by Year 10’s. The team played some great netball with fantastic defensive play from Teigan Ford, whilst Abbie Trotter was  working the ball well into the circle and was unlucky not to get more shots in. The game slipped away from BCHS finishing 8 – 2 to Ashington.


Caitlin Waddle and Teigan Ford

The Under 15 team played Ashington High on 29th November and were looking for their second win of the season.

Bedlington got off to a flying start scoring straight from their centre pass. Holly Richardson worked hard throughout the whole game and dominated the centre court. BCHS didn’t have it easy but thanks to some great defending from Cobie Smith, Hannah Dolby and Aimee Urwin Ashington were only able to score 1 goal. Sara Appleyby linked up play between shooters Robyn Hankinson and Emma Lively well, who scored 8 goals between them.

Well done girls, a great game and well deserved win!

POM Holly RichardsonY9 and 10 v Ashington

29 September 2016 | Bedlington 17 – 2 NCEA

The Under 14 team played Ashington High on 29th November and were looking to build on an unfortunate loss to Blyth. The game started well for BCHS taking the lead and controlling the game. The link up play in the attacking third between Destiny Armstrong, Bethany O’Brien and Louise O’Bryan was fantastic and Aimee Urwin worked the circle and was on top shooting form. At the other end of the court Chelsea Davison showed improvement in her game play yet again with some brilliant interceptions working well to defend the circle along with Sarah-Jane Fairlie. Morgan Johnstone supported the team well with her ability to read the game.
The girls played some really lovely netball and earned themselves a well deserved 11 – 3 win. Well done girls, keep it up for the next fixture against Bede Academy
POM Chelsea Davison
or the U13 netball team. Once again our attacking players were too quick for NCEA defence. Our defensive players again made vital interceptions when needed, super performances from Jemma Joslin (WD), Hannah Car (GD) and Rachel Scott (GK).

It was great to have Ellie Dillon playing for the team tonight who linked well with the other players and a solid performance from Lauren Harris when playing C. Morgan Johnston again showed her class when she came on at ½ time linking up well with Louise and Bethany O’Brien in the attacking third.

Hopefully we can take confidence from our last two performances into our next match which is a tough away match to Chantry on 13th October

Player of the Match – Louise O’Bryan


27 September 2016 | U15 Bedlington 11 – 10 Ponteland

27 September 2016 | U16 Bedlington 5 – 31 Ponteland

With the first fixture in the new Sports Hall the U15 and U16 teams were excited to get the netball season underway with a home fixture against Ponteland.

The U15 match was close from the start with both teams goal for goal. At half time Bedlington were in the lead 5-4 and were hopeful to go onto win the match. Again the game was close and Ponteland found a way to break through. Bedlington pulled it back to 10-10 with less than a minute to go. Cobie Smith and Robyn Hankinson worked the ball around in the semi-circle to find the net and win the game!

The U16 team had been pulled together at the last minute with Cobie stepping up to play for the U16 team. The team took a while to gel together but with some great defensive work from Cobie she linked play up to Georgia Capstaff who worked hard to gain and retain possession in the centre court.

It wasn’t to be on the night but the team gave it their all until the end with it finishing 31-5 to Ponteland.

Player of the Match (U15): Robyn Hankinson
Player of the Match (U16): Cobie Smith & Georgia Capstaff


15 September 2016 | Bedlington 12 – 2 Cramlington Learning Village

16.09.15.CramlingtonWhat a start to the new netball season for our U13 team! We were just able to scrape together a team to play our first fixture away to Cramlington. Straight from the first whistle we dominated the play, our defense having very little to do in the first two quarters, but when they were called into action they were superb.
Louise O’Bryan and Bethany O’Brien linked very well in the shooting circle. Morgan showed her range of passing, been able to pass from the defensive third setting up our next attack. Lauren was fantastic as centre.

Hannah Carr was outstanding as GD, her best performance for BCHS earning her Coaches player of the match. Considering Angel and Gemma have had limited experience playing netball they made some great interceptions helping to keep the oppositions score down. Well done girls! Bring on the next match.

Player of the Match – Bethany O’Brien


11 June 2016 | Bedlington 16 – 1 Blyth Academy

16.03.04.NewminsterA fantastic performance from the girls tonight. Even though we only had 6 players! Blyth were kind enough to lend us a player so we could have a full team.

It was a great team performance tonight. We had strong attacking players with some great play between Aimee, Morgan and Louise (Louise scored 10 tonight). The defensive part of the team were superb – great interceptions limiting Blyth Shooters and strong passes to team members. The match was played in a great team spirit and great sportsmanship from both teams!

Player of the Match – Emma Burns


16 March 2016 | Bedlington 5 – 18 Newminster

16.03.04.NewminsterWe started off the match very well indeed, we were even 2-2 at the end of the first quarter a great performance form Aimee as centre. In the second quarter again we played well Chelsea and Hannah making some great interceptions, however the strength of Newminster team began to show as the quarter ended 7-3 to them.

The next two quarters Newminster dominated the match although we never gave up! The girls were disappointed with the score line but we need to remember we only had two Yr 8 students playing the rest of the team consisted of Yr 7, we are using these matches to gain valuable experience for next year!

Player of the match: Bethany O’Brien