Exam arrangements

Each year there are a small number of students who require special arrangements for exams due to their additional needs at BCHS. To be eligible for these special arrangements the pupils must meet criteria set out by the Joint Council for Qualifications.

Special arrangements can include the following:

  • Reader
  • Scribe/laptop
  • Extra time
  • Prompter
  • Rest break
  • Modified / enlarged papers
  • Additional setting


This is not an exhaustive list as other extenuating circumstances may allow students other access arrangement to be put in place.

For a pupil to meet the Joint Council for Qualifications criteria not only must standardised assessments show their needs but there must be evidence that they have required that particular arrangement regularly in lessons in order for them to make expected progress. If a pupil makes expected progress in class without special arrangements then they do not meet the required criteria.

Applications are made during the first year of the exam course and will cover the full two year course. If a pupil continues their study after these two years, another application to the Joint Council for Qualifications will need to be made.

Our school has qualified staff who are able to carry out educational tests of both ability and attainment which are used to assess if pupils require additional access arrangements for exams or tests. Arrangements can be applied for by using reports from agencies outside of school and are also useful for additional evidence. However, pupils must also meet the criteria as described above within school.