How is my child doing?

BCHS will carry out internal assessments on a frequent basis in all subjects. Each student will receive three reports in an academic year.

Two reports will be an Electronic Progress Check (EPC) which include subject teacher assessments, subject concerns and the student’s attitude towards learning within each subject. The third report will include the EPC and written feedback on performance and how to make improvements from all subject teachers as well as form tutor comments.

In addition to these reporting arrangements, BCHS contact parents/carers on a regular basis sharing information of both achievements and areas of difficulty within school. This is carried out using a number of key staff. The SENCO, Student Performance Leaders and Key Workers (LSA who works closely with an individual child or young person) will make frequent contact via phone calls, and if necessary invite parents or carers to attend a meeting to discuss the student and the steps that can be taken to support them.

In addition to the key staff listed above, class teachers and form tutors are encouraged to contact parents/carers via phone calls and using student planners to have an open dialogue between school and home. An option of using a home to school diary to help transfer information and maintain good lines of communication can also be a valuable tool.