Supporting your child

We will contact families to let them know about any concerns about a student’s learning via the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), SEN Co-ordinator (SENCO), Student Performance Leaders (SPL) or one of the Raising Achievement Leaders (RAL).

Contact between school and home is vital so that students are able to make progress and can be carried out using a number of methods including:

  • A phone call,
  • An invite for parents/carers to come into school for a meeting
  • An email
  • Parents evenings
  • Target setting appointments (options choices)

Along with pastoral support, BCHS employ three Learning Mentors whose aims include the removal of any barriers to individual’s learning, providing both social and educational support in diverse and individualised ways.

In addition to this our SENCO will;

  • Prior to school transfer the SENCO visits our feeder middle and primary schools to gather information about students coming into Y7 and Y9. It is the intention to meet with feeder SENCOs in December for an initial discussion and again in June.
  • For pupils with a Statement or Education Health and Care Plan, other agencies may request a joint meeting with both school and parents/carers. In these meetings, a plan will be devised to allow the needs of the young person to be fully met.
  • The Learning Mentors within school also liaise with feeder schools and arrange visits for the vulnerable students prior to transfer day. This can involve the use of public transport so that the young people become familiar with the bus routes and the journey to BCHS.
  • Additional meetings with parents/carers are set up at BCHS to help alleviate any uncertainties, concerns or misconceptions that they may have.

Students who are placed on the Support Register have the option of using a home to school diary to help transfer information and keep an open dialogue between school and home.