Summer School 2016

From Monday 15 to Thursday 18 August 2016 Bedlingtonshire Community High School facilitated a Summer School programme of activities for our new year 7 students. This is something the school has provided for the last 5 years and have all been well received without exception.

This year the summer school students participated some team building activities that were linked to Numeracy and Literacy involving quizzes, puzzles and TV game shows.

On Tuesday we went to Plessy Woods to make paper lanterns out of wicker and tissue paper followed by a picnic lunch and games on the field. On Wednesday it was off to Plessy Woods again where the students this time had to follow a trail through the woods finding wooden animals snakes painted on trees and two activities including putting their hands in hidden bags to see if they can tell what was in them and create a rap song as well on the wooden drum kit.

On Thursday we visited Newcastle Upon Tyne where we visited the studios of Metro Radio and had photographs taken with the Metro Radio breakfast show hosts which the students enjoyed. We then went into a live broadcasting studio to meet another presenter who showed the students how to use the equipment and how you have to do lots of jobs at the same time. Getting the timing right also played a big part in the studio as it all has to link in with news which goes out to the other radio stations like TFM. The students then had a picnic lunch next to Ouseburn Farm which was going to be our next port of call. Once in the farm the students fed the goats, sheep, cows and ducks. They also learned about recycling and how you can make plant pots for seeds out of newspaper and were able to take home the pot they made with a pea seed in it to try and grow. After that they had a tour around the gardens and then finished the afternoon off with a petting zoo session with some of the smaller animals at the farm.

All the students involved said that they had enjoyed the summer school and it was also a good way of building relationships with new parents to the school.